D’Wayne Wilkins is a NC licensed professional photographer with a gift for excellence. As a renaissance man, he has many talents and a passion for each of them. He has an undying love for the arts. From photography to music, he exceeds the expectations of his audience. He is a devoted and hardworking individual who puts in tireless hours perfecting his work.

Phrozen in Time Photography aims to take an ordinary moment and create an extraordinary, yet timeless experience.

Phrozen in Time Photography’s goal is to freeze an experience in a still frame, capturing memories for eternity. Portraits will extend beyond one’s lifetime and leave a legacy for families and friends to cherish for generations.

Phrozen in Time Photography is the photography of choice for its family feel and its professional product. Your wants are our goals. We focus on producing a stimulating experience that both beautifies and captures the essence of the moment.

Phrozen in Time Photography was founded upon passion for photography, loyal clients, integrity of the product/ service, and timeliness of delivery.

Phrozen in Time Photography is where memories are captured……………..